Lledoner XXXII住宅,西班牙阿尔库迪亚,Minimal Studio

Lledoner XXXII住宅位于西班牙Alcudia,由minimal Studio设计。这个由Minimal Studio开发的新项目位于马略卡岛北部一个偏远的地方。在中世纪古城墙的保护下,我们通过狭窄而别致的小巷进入主入口,这给项目带来了一种特殊的氛围和魅力。建筑干预的主要目的是在室内提供更大的空间幅度。要消除多余的分区,统一房间,不允许在任何情况下不使用房子的每一个角落。

Lledoner XXXII is a minimal home located in Alcúdia, Spain, designed by Minimal Studio. A remote place in the north of Mallorca is where this new project developed by Minimal Studio is located. Protected by ancient medieval walls, we access the main entrance through narrow and picturesque alleys, which give the project a special atmosphere and charm. The main objective of the architectural intervention was to provide greater spatial amplitude inside the house. To eliminate the divisional excess, to unify rooms, not allow under any circumstances the non-use of each and every corner of the house.
The aesthetics of the project have been projected based on the elements and coatings, mimicking the new materials and interventions with the current state of the house. A clear example of this is the adequacy from the kitchen to the vaulted stone wall, endowing the culinary room with an aura that is special, unique and unrepeatable, as if it had always been there, unaltered by the passage of time. A mortar-based coating has been made on all the floors of the home, in addition to random vertical walls with the same material. Creating a continuous effect when receiving the praise of the natural light penetrating through the ample windows of the home.

Design: Minimal Studio
Photograph:Art Sanchez