Marea 之家,韩国, Rieuldorang Atelier


Play on stay. A pension that I thought of by shifting my perspective from a simple stay to a play. What is play, it is accompanied by fun and enjoyment through experience. Most of the people living in apartments have a lack of play in the living space. It’s a simple game, but something you can’t do in an apartment living room. Plants swaying in the wind, the experience of touching the soil, etc. And the experience of the children’s playground that I learned while designing the kindergarten suggested a new service perspective for the family pool villa with the family.


Satisfaction of service according to room price. Satisfaction with the service included in the high room rate is inevitably high. It comes from quality and consideration. The quality of architecture is the standard of luxury. For example, deep consideration for movement, satisfaction with space size, bed height derived from experience, and children’s play patterns. In addition, in consideration of customers who may be burdened by high room prices, the two rooms are placed at a distance and attached to the bathroom in each room, so that the two families can stay comfortably. Since it can be used at half the cost, it is possible to flexibly cope with the burdensome situation of the cost.


Garden and playground. A simply flat lawn is more meaningful as a place of the scenery rather than a place of play. As revealed in the Miracle Playground experiment, the hill is sufficient to enable various types of play. Reviews from guests prove that children can create and play any game by themselves as long as they have dirt and hills. In the yard that is more hilly than the pool in the pool villa, the children played until the check-out time was full. The hearts of the parents who saw it was filled with regret. The boundaries between ornamental gardens and playgrounds are removed. I hoped that the guests could feel the natural beauty of the hills, trees, and grass.

Architects: Rieuldorang Atelier
Area: 100 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Yoon, Joonhwan
Lead Architect: Kim Seongyoul
Structure: SDM Partners
Construction: Manbul Construction
Design Staff:Bae, Seongyong
Country:South Korea


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