Renovation in Rua Conde de Redondo住宅,葡萄牙里斯本,Luisa Bebiano Arquitectura

翻新的Rua Conde de Redondo位于葡萄牙里斯本,由Luisa Bebiano Arquitectura设计。这座位于Conde Redondo街的建筑设计于1902年,当时是一栋住宅楼。它有五层楼和阁楼,有一个中等大小的体量,有一个通向Sociedade Farmaceutica街的第二街立面。直到20世纪中期,它还融入了迅速扩张的城市网络,嵌入了一个具有19世纪晚期典型建筑和城市特征的区域。
Conde Redondo街的立面有多扇窗户,最初设计为大型双叶木跨度和带铸铁护栏的阳台,用石头装饰、中楣和柱石装饰,显示出一座高贵的建筑,与周围的环境和谐统一。在风格上不同的是,面对Sociedade Farmaceutica街的立面,一面有控制的开口,另一面有重叠的阳台,嵌在铁结构中,由陶瓷圆顶支撑。

Renovation in Rua Conde de Redondo is a minimal house located in Lisbon, Portugal, designed by Luisa Bebiano Arquitectura. The building in Conde Redondo Street was designed in 1902 as a residential building. With five floors and attic, it has a medium-sized volume, and has a second street façade to the Sociedade Farmacêutica Street. Integrated in an urban network that expanded rapidly until the mid 20th century, it is embedded in an area with the typical late 19th century architectural and urban traits.
The facade of Conde Redondo Street, with its multiple windows, was originally designed with large double-leafed wooden spans and balconies with cast iron guards, and is adorned with stone trimmings, friezes and pilasters that reveal a noble building, well proportioned and integrated in its surroundings. Stylistically different, the façade facing the Sociedade Farmacêutica Street features controlled openings on one side and overlapping balconies on the other, embedded in an iron structure, supported by ceramic domes.

Design:Luisa Bebiano Arquitectura
Photograph: do mal o menos