Slump系列桌,英国伦敦,Paul Cocksedge

由伦敦设计师Paul Cocksedge为Carpenters Workshop Gallery设计的由8张桌子组成的系列。作为今年伦敦设计节的一部分,Carpenters Workshop Gallery将展示Paul Cocksedge的新作品。这位著名的伦敦设计师使用工业玻璃板通过复杂的工艺创造了限量版和独特的设计集合,给刚性,平面材料意想不到的柔软和流动性。对于这8张桌子,玻璃在高温下拉伸,并在包括混凝土、钢铁、木材和岩石在内的工业和自然材料上“倾斜”。

Slump is a collection of eight tables created by London-based designer Paul Cocksedge for Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Carpenters Workshop Gallery will present a new body of work by Paul Cocksedge as part of this year’s London Design Festival. The acclaimed London-based designer uses industrial sheets of glass to create a collection of limited edition and unique design through complex processes, giving the rigid, flat material an unexpected softness and fluidity. For the eight tables, the glass is stretched under high temperatures and ‘slumped’ over industrial and natural materials including concrete, steel, wood and rock.
The glass reacts in different ways each time, creating one-of-a-kind pieces. The bases appear to be under a water surface, an effect that is emphasized in the Bubble table which is made of metal tubing and creates a soft drop-like surface. The Rock coffee table juts out from a rock that gives the same allusion as a river running over a bolder. Cocksedge also uses patinated mild steel to give an added level of depth and texture, exploring how a solid industrial material can be altered through time and nature. Each piece is the result of collaboration with dozens of skilled craftspeople in the UK, utilizing specialized techniques and machines.

Design:Paul Cocksedge
Photography:Paul Cocksedge