Symbiotic House住宅,日本长野,READ&Architects

Symbiotic House 位于日本长野,由R.E.A.D. & Architects事务所设计。该项目是一对夫妇的别墅项目,他们完成了在南轻井泽地区重新开始新生活的工作。规划场地位于一个被冷杉树环绕的角落,从这里可以看到Asama山。建筑师想利用周围的环境和轻井泽独特的长场地。立面有一个倾斜的混凝土屋顶,与周围的山脉结合在一起。

Symbiotic House is a minimal residence located in Nagano, Japan, designed by R.E.A.D. & Architects. The project is a villa project for a couple who finished their work to restart a new life in the area of ​​Minami-Karuizawa. The planned site is on a corner surrounded by fir trees with a view of Mt. Asama. The architects wanted to make use of the surrounding environment and the long site unique to Karuizawa. The facade has a sloping concrete roof that coalesces with the surrounding mountains.

Photograph:Masaya Yoshimura