Twin Gable 住宅,美国加利福尼亚,Ryan Leidner Architecture

Twin Gable House是由Ryan Leidner Architecture设计的位于加利福尼亚桑尼维尔的极简主义住宅。 Twin Gable House是经过彻底翻新的Eichler住宅,最初由A. Quincy Jones和Frederick Emmons于1962年设计。这种Eichler模型的原始设计被称为Plan OJ-1605,是一个向内看的庭院方案,其中生活空间环绕着中央露天中庭,这是人们从车棚进入时的第一个空间。
拥有技术的设计师伊莎贝尔·奥尔森(Isabelle Olson)和马修·克伦(Matthaeus Krenn)都是业主,他们初次参观该物业时就爱上了这座房子,但他们希望对空间进行现代化改造,同时为年轻家庭提供一个更节能,更舒适的庇护所。为此,他们求助于Ryan Leidner Architecture,以重新构想房屋的新时代。

Twin Gable House is a minimal home located in Sunnyvale, California, designed by Ryan Leidner Architecture. The Twin Gable House is a thoroughly renovated Eichler Home originally designed by A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons in1962. The original design for this Eichler model, known as Plan OJ-1605, is an inward-looking courtyard scheme where the living spaces wrap around a central, open-air atrium, which is the first space one experiences when entering from the carport.
The owners, Isabelle Olson and Matthaeus Krenn, both designers who work in tech, fell in love with the house when they first toured the property, but sought to modernize the spaces while making the home a more energy efficient and comfortable sanctuary for their young family of four. To do this, they turned to Ryan Leidner Architecture to help reimagine the house for a new era.

Design:Ryan Leidner Architecture
Photography:Joe Fletcher